EARN all you can, SAVE all you can and give out all you can afford

“Earn all you can, save all you can, give all you can”, this is the motto which John Wesley had lived by. Many of us have parents or grandparents who lived through the Great Depression, and grew up about saving up because you never know when you will need it.

Author C.S. Lewis was known for only living on 10% of his income, while giving the remaining 90% to charities in London. Today we live in a society that sometimes seems to live with a new motto.

“Earn all you can, spend all you can even money you don’t have, give only what you can spare.”

“It is the bounden duty of all who are engaged in worldly business to observe that first and great rule of Christian wisdom with respect to money, ‘Gain all you can.’ Gain all you can by honest industry. Use all possible diligence in your calling.

Lose no time.  No delay! No putting off from day to day, or from hour to hour! Never leave anything till to-morrow, which you can do to-day. And do it as well as possible. Do not sleep or yawn over it: Put your whole strength to the work.

This three-part exhortation captures three important parts: industry, frugality, and trusteeship.

Industry:  hard work; the great value and necessity of persistent, diligent, careful, productive labor. (the reward for good work is more work.)

Frugality: being sparing as regards using or spending for myself; the worth of conserving and re-using; and the importance of eliminating waste and avoiding extravagance.

Trusteeship: What is mine, I hold in trust; my wealth  is ultimately for the purpose of helping others and contributing to the common good.

 Which aspect do you think is the hardest to live? Why?

Is there anything that could help us become more industrious, frugal, and generous as individuals?

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