In My Sleep Is Where It All Began

Hi, it feels great to be able to write again. I woke up this morning, ran to the computer, and thought, what i can give the people today. I must tell you, I actually spent the night on my knees in sleep, thinking of  what to say or write that would prod you or help you succeed beyond your mildest expectations.

The first suggestion in my sleep was sharing the concepts I had learnt and applied in my teenage ways, which has been working tremendously well for me; and it will for you, because, what good is success without a successor – thus sharing this right away  with anyone  and everyone is crucial.

I say this for two reasons. First, the best way to learn something, to internalize it and truly make it part of you, is to teach it to others. Second, true joy and fulfillment comes from giving – from making a difference inn the lives of others.

So , let’s begin.

It all begins with Desire…

Call it whatever you may – purpose, mission, vision, goal, or whatever, your desire is the most absolute and vital ingredient to your success. Without it , success is unachievable.

If you think I am teasing you, stop the tape,rewind, and believe me that I am not.

For example, if you want to make a lot of money? Or a lot of more money, and you find out that it isn’t possible. And the system out there promises that it is possible, if you follow the step-by-step rules laid down; Just match your desire for progress with the system’s rules  and watch your finances sky-rocket as you add more and more value each day.

If you want to be the best writer, expert chef, sales  person, doctor, lawyer, or even the best thief (… hmmm). If that’s what you truly desire, plug it into whatever system has been laid out before you. If you want to be the best housekeeper, the best nanny, the best wife, the best cook, or even the best prankster in all the land (… actually that’s what I really am… shh…). Match that desire with the system’s formula and it will happen.

Match that desire – that mission, purpose and passion with  the information you will read and learn here from time to time , and you will achieve extraordinary results.

Till next time… I remain yours truly

One response to “In My Sleep Is Where It All Began

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