This Is Where Follower-ship Starts

Hi there, good to be back. This is a weird title indeed. You probably think I am talking about twitter, where you get followers or you follow a tweet or a trend. Well… that would come in later. This makes me remember my twitter page, and how I lost a lot of followers; why?!!! I am still curious at finding out. And I thought I was so good.

My stories, or should I call them “mumbling” were constantly re tweeted or mentioned or replied. Now, my followers nose-dived, but am getting back there; and I welcome tips from you guys out there.

This follower-ship, or should it be the follower of a ship that I would be talking about is a System. Seeking out and finding the information. Remember our last post on “It All Began In My Sleep”, where we talked on desire, and we realized that whatever we desire to achieve or attain has already been accomplished by others, by the looks of it, by many others.

Yay!!!. To me, it’s good news. No need to reinvent the wheel, redesign the vehicle or even redraw the map ( if you are good at drawing, that is). It’s been done. Simply seek out the information that will help you do the same.

Follow The System used by tose who have already arrived where you are headed, and the chances that you’ll get there too are way beyond excellent, and faster than you would have done on your own.

As Michael Gerber of E-Myth said, Systems permit ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results, predictable. However, without a system, even extraordinary people find it difficult to predictably achieve even ordinary results. This is so true, and has been proved many times over.

Take a look at McDonald’s. there is certainly a reason why people would join a waiting line, pay over a million dollars, and even uproot family and farm just for the opportunity to open a franchise. Why would they?? I really don’t think the hamburgers are the reason. Do you? I love to hear your opinions if you think so???…

Silence…. Now I speak…

It’s the System, a proven system that McDonald’s has. Follow it and You’ll succeed. And if you don’t follow it…? Well… you would reap what you sow is all I can say.

Following the System is following Other People’s Experience (O.P.E). if someone has already done it, all you need to do is model, or duplicate, just what they did. Success is in the bag.

Brian Tracy once said that, “This process of learning and applying what I had learned changed my life… Just find out what successful people do and do the same things until you get the same results. What an idea”

Hey, don’t get me wrong here, stifling your creativity or originality in thought is out of the question, realize that your creative thinking is best built upon the basic, tried and proven strategies for success. Champions, often realize, and so do we, that success starts with the basics.

What do you do???

The Sages tell us, ” Acquire for yourself a teacher”. Find a mentor or coach who has already prospered using The System. Let them take you by the hand and show you the way. Ask for constant feedback and utilize it.The learning curve cuts drastically and you realize the fruits of your labour in less time.

Where do I find these mentors??? You must be wondering. It’s easy. The Internet is full of them, video and audio programs, seminars, conferences… blah and the list goes on. Just keep your eyes and ears wide open.

Find and Follow The System, and you must succeed. See you soon.

Yours truly

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