What Does It Take To Get Started???

Have you ever stopped yourself at any time of the day, and asked yourself this one question, especially when you have a dream, goal or desire, you wanted achieved, and never got to do it. I know I have. I have heard so many rants about how difficult it is, some think it’s easy, some say its “comme si comme sa”. Some think it’s just not worth it, going through all that stress and labour to get something done.
I leave it to you to decide for yourself. What is it for you?

Wallace D. Wattles, in The Science of Getting Rich, wrote that “Do not wait for a change of environment before you act. Cause a change of environment through action. You act upon your present environment so as to cause yourself to be transferred to a better environment”.
“Who does this kind of stuff?” The very first question I asked myself when I read this. And guess what??

Successful people do this kind of stuff. Name a few in your minds if you can while reading. They do it and they do it NOW! Because doing it now is a much safer zone than falling victim under “The Law of Diminishing Intent”. My guess is that most of you would be thinking, shouldn’t it be “The Law of Diminishing Return”. Nope!!! You’re wrong. It’s not.
The Law states – “The longer you wait to do something you know you should do now, the greater the chances are you’ll never actually do it”.

Quite striking! But what about, “I’ll just wait until… I have more money… I have more time… I receive my tax refund… my kid graduates… summer, springtime, winter, harvest… probably forest fires…” any other excuses I missed out???
One trademark about successful people that’s patented is, they don’t let excuses deter them. They determine what it is they need to do – and then do it. Just like Nike.

Imagine –You want more traffic for free; generate more leads for free; build your business on a shoestring budget or attract prospects to you… and so on.
Would you wait till the conditions are right and perfect??!!

The good news is… *drumroll please*, this action or list of actions you have doesn’t have to be perfect; it just has to be something. Naturally, the better you learn and more closely you stick to The System, the quicker you’ll achieve the results you desire- but practically any action is better than no action at all.

Here’s how I got started. I didn’t know how or what. Thanks to these videos, I am getting  and will still get some massive results, and building my business actually has become fun again. I think they can help you greatly as well.

You can get free instant access to these free videos here…

(copy and paste the link into your browser)

So let’s get started together. I remain yours truly.


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