The Entrepreneur Who Couldn’t Become a Leader. (Day Eight)

“Lead your life instead of just accepting your life”.

The greatest power you possess is the power of choice.

I always had a major problem right from my high school days in leading; standing out and doing something entirely different from the masses, I was all for it, but the idea or notion of leading a team wasn’t my favourite term in thesaurus.

I was terrified, it was like having every pair of eyes in the world, watching you, to see you slip and fall.  As I was terrified of becoming a lead figure out there, I was excited about being an entrepreneur. How was I ever gonna connect the two?? Glue? Solder?  Or natural combination?

It’s like being caught between the devil and the deep blue sea… well almost.

I often wonder silently and sometimes, out loud ( am not soliloquizing), “how do these leaders out there do it? What’s the unique key? The special touch?  The unwavering frequency?  Or the magic spark, that sets them ahead of the herd on a pedestal for all to see and emulate.

What do I have to bring to the table? Because if it meant coming for lunch on a day to day basis… I was up for it… but what did I have to “cook” and “serve” from my entrepreneurial skills that would satisfy and help, even sometimes fill up those yearning and hungry?

Well , I found my answer eventually in the words of  Dr. Thomas J. Stanley – in Millionaire Women Next Door; “ As a leader, watch out for every opportunity to quietly support those around you. This is a requirement to estimate your leadership value.

Measure your own value in terms of the security and happiness of those who depend on you. Be responsible for their help… you will make a difference in your world.”

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