Why Are You Passionate About You???

Simply put, it’s being who you are and doing what comes naturally. When what you do is in alignment with who you are, you get energy from doing it. It’s like water flowing along its natural riverbed. It actually gains energy from the path it’s taking (compare that to what most people experience in their work, which is more like trying to force it up and over a mountain).

When people take the time to ask me how I am, my usual response is “Positively Passionate…” or “Amazing…” or “I am excellent…” or “Truly blessed….and how are you?”

Passion… It is a gift combined of all the experiences we’ve lived through. I just have one simple and single question for you.

How do you consciously, consistently bring more of YOU into what you do? One simple approach  – is to go beyond what you love and ask why you love it.

Now, Passion has its own energy — an energy that’s observable and transferable. Best of all, you can’t fake it. Almost anyone, with only a bit of intuitiveness, can spot the counterfeit. We can smell the lying wolf. We can sense a lack of sincerity, authenticity and depth. We can inhale the bitter, infectious dryness of the imposter.

The power of passion forces you to see others as who they are, who they are becoming and often, who they can never be.

Are you ready to find that power, that passion? Think about it..

See you next time. Yours Truly.

4 responses to “Why Are You Passionate About You???

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