The Size Of The Question Determines The Size Of The Result

Entrepreneurship is the best, lasting  and most fulfilling way to change the economic future of the world. Seriously!!! We need you guys.

For a while I was in exile, not exile in that nature, leave of absence imprisonment. A friend gave me a book, titled – The One Minute Millionaire -by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen

You have got to read it. it’s packed full nuggets and stories on the enlightened way to wealth. I guess i’ll let the words speak to you.

“It reminds me to think BIG in life. When we think small our results will be small and when we think BIG our results will be BIG. Think BIG! The size of your question will determine the results.

When you aren’t asking big questions ,believe me,  you are living below your true potential. Rethink what you are doing and think about what you could do. Ask yourself strong and important questions.One question might be, “How do I earn or create a million dollars?” versus, “Can I earn $50,000 doing this? Believe that if you start asking yourself better and bigger questions your quality and quantity of service will expand.”

Bottom line for me on this: improve my questions to myself and continue to try and play big in life as there is no need to play small . Often, we play small to make others feel comfortable. But, when we embrace all of our brilliance and start to play bigger in life our results in many areas get better. . . if I play big I just might reach my true potential.

Stop to think about the questions you ask yourself and change them a little so that you are playing BIG in life, you will see your creative juices flowing more. I think this can work for many things in life and not just with earning money.

Posted by Carrie Saba


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