What Side Of The Brain Are You?

Do you use the left or right or both sides when you read a book? Most people believe and think that the art of learning could be either informational , left side of the brain or transformational, which is the right side. It’s either learning with the head or learning with the heart.

What side are you on?

  • Left Side                                                Right Side
  • Intellectual                                           Emotional
  • Structured                                            Creative
  • Serious                                                    Curious
  • Rigid                                                         Spontaneous
  • Always told the answer                     Discovers the answer
  • Repititive                                                Intuitive
  • Passive involvement                         Active Involvement
  • Holds back                                              Lets go
  • Has fear                                                     Has trust
  • Being the best                                         Being your best
  • Has knowledge                                       Has understanding
  • Says Uh-oh!                                             Says Aha!
  • Says Oh, no                                              Says Oh, yes



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