4 Simple Steps To Take You To Your First Million

Have you ever thought of becoming a millionaire? I know I have.   DO you ever think of it daily? If you haven’t thought of it up to  5 times a day. The best time is for you to start NOW!!!

Yay!!! But.. But… Remember, all wealth comes with privileges and responsibilities.

Some of you might be wondering, What sort of privileges? I’m talking about money freedom, time freedom, relationship freedom, spiritual freedom, physical freedom, and my all time favourite, ultimate freedom… to discover and develop my own unique genius, and yours too.

To be a millionaire, doesn’t actually mean vast wealth, its being free to be, do and have whatever you desire, as long as it hurts no one and simultaneously… helps others.

I like to call it “shameless exploitation in pursuit of the common good”.

What are these 4 simple and easy steps?

  • decide that it’s okay for you to become a millionaire
  • practice and imagine yourself enjoying an abundant lifestyle
  • spend less than you earn ( this is gonna be tough especially those of us who love to shop) deduct 10% off the top of your income and deposit it into your investment account…phew!!!
  • invest the difference… your  10% surplus… into investments that can earn at least 10%.

So invest away in whatever program appeals to you. And I just don’t mean any.  You get the gist, right?

Feel free to comment if you agree.



2 responses to “4 Simple Steps To Take You To Your First Million

  1. Fantastic info and nicely written. Keep up the excellent stuff!

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