T.E.A.M -Together Everyone Achieves Miracles

Hey there, I woke up this morning and thought about this. How best was I gonna put this across to you. Do I write out a post.. or should I let the quotes do the talking for me?

What’s a Team?. Well, I guess the title answers it for you. “Together Everyone Achieves Miracles”. We know, I know and you know that Greatness only happens to and through teams.

Imagine when a team has a big, purposeful dream, and everyone stays positive about its accomplishment.  I’d say.. watch  Providence move in too. Why? Commitment is the spark that ignites the fire. It’s the key that starts the engine.

How do you ensure long-term success? Through Integrity, tapping into the infinitely abundant network.. And as your success gracefully unfolds, a deep sense of gratitude will permeate your being.

what am I saying?? It sounds like motivational mumbo jumbo.. I know… i’m trying to change.

Just follow the golden rule of networking- ” be very quick to build connections and extremely slow to break them”. why?… the value of a network grows in proportion to the square of the number of users – “Metcalf’s Law”

When you are seeking new information, cultivate a network of weak/loose ties; its an advantage to you, particularly since we live in an information economy.

I leave you with Zig Ziglar – ” You can have everything you want, if you helo other people get what they want.


Everybody wants something, it’s your task, my task, our task to discover it. Here’s to teamwork.

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