Top Ten Tips For Making A Mint

Always having cash problems? Just learn to value yourself and wealth will come your way. Here are tips:

  1. Clear your clutter – its the fastest way to attract new opportunities because clutter drains your energy and stops you thinking clearly.
  2. Make friends with money – find out exactly how much money you have.
  3. Decide what you want – write down the exact amount of money you want by a certain date.
  4. List everything you are expecting to do with this money.
  5. Identify and write down any limiting thoughts that come up.
  6. Create a ceremony to eliminate such thoughts. For example, after writing them down, burn them.
  7. Declare to others that you are now a Money Magnet, especially whenever you attract even the smallest sum.
  8. Be responsible in how you speak about money and don’t be negative about those who have it.
  9. Give up saying: ‘I can’t afford to.’ Replace it with: ‘How can I afford to?’
  10. Celebrate by being happy and sharing your good luck with others.

Here’s to becoming a money magnet.

Culled from mail online

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