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Money Magnet : How To Attract Money Your Way

I’d be honest here with you. Money is tormenting. Frets me constantly, can I afford this? Should I buy that? Money is charged with a lot of emotion. It is certainly a weapon.

Being able to afford what you want makes you feel happy, liberated and empowered. Not having enough makes you feel trapped, resentful and unhappy. Lack of it – can also be a curse. Can anyone relate to that?

How do you feel about money? How do you feel when…

  • you look at or think of rich people?
  • you see something you want but can’t afford right now?
  • you look at your current possessions (like your house, your car, etc.)?
  • you look at or think about your paycheck and/or ability to make money in the future?
  • you pay the bills?
  • you visit someone who has a higher standard of living than you do?
  • your friend or family member blows a wad of cash on something you think is “frivolous”? Continue reading