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Lego Blocks To A Successful Business

Business… is simply making someone’s life better. And that’s all business will ever be. Get the notion out of your head that it’s “an economic system in which goods and services are exchanged for one another or money, on the basis of their perceived worth.”… Absolute nonsense… As my little cousin would say..”poppycock”.

Ok!!! Focus…

The further away a business gets from making its customers’ lives better, the less successful that business will be.

A few tips on how to build your own successful business… it works

  • ¬†ensure your business makes people’s lives better
  • ensure your product is unique and consummable
  • ensure your product is positioned in front of large trends
  • ensure you are not trying to do it all yourself and that you hire agents rather than employees
  • ensure you train your agents and make sure they have as much to gain as you do
  • be a professional

This will ensure you can create wealth and also have the time to enjoy it. It will also ensure you are proud of what you have created.

Here’s to a complete penthouse structure on success…