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The Entrepreneur Who Couldn’t Become a Leader. (Day Eight)

“Lead your life instead of just accepting your life”.

The greatest power you possess is the power of choice.

I always had a major problem right from my high school days in leading; standing out and doing something entirely different from the masses, I was all for it, but the idea or notion of leading a team wasn’t my favourite term in thesaurus.

I was terrified, it was like having every pair of eyes in the world, watching you, to see you slip and fall.  As I was terrified of becoming a lead figure out there, I was excited about being an entrepreneur. How was I ever gonna connect the two?? Glue? Solder?  Or natural combination? Continue reading

The Girl Next Door (Day Seven)

The choice and desire to own and manage my own business wasn’t entirely all about income and wealth. It also involved the desire for independence, satisfaction (pride) and self-actualization ( self-esteem). It would allow me the opportunity to utilize my skills and aptitudes freely to achieve my goals.

It gave me an opportunity to decide to be my own boss.

We both know  clearly, that through our daily lives and experiences, it is possible to be satisfied with your life without indulging yourself with material artifacts. I am pretty sure you know where I am headed; which is “living a frugal lifestyle”.

I wanted to be happy.  Happy to help people and I had often heard that people who had great empathy tend to be happy folks. How was I to achieve that? What adversity did I have to overcome to enhance my resolve and character? What more could I do to make success taste sweeter when it arrives?

The fear of the unknown crippled me. It literally became my cornerstone of panic, and we know where this would eventually lead to… – Financial Disaster.

Well, sometimes, i could a little bit  dramatic, carried away with high sounding and fearful words, but you get the drift.

What did I do? Continue reading