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16 Successful Phenomenal Entrepreneurs Reveal Words That Worked

Its been a long windy, heck I don’t even knw what to think. You would not believe, I literally did a search on blog topics to write on… What writer does that??? 

The lazy kind. Okay, Okay !!! I am only teasing, actually have a special one for you today and hope you all like it. It got me excited when I stumbled on it, I know it will do the same for you too.

 These awesome individuals have gone through the halls of innovation and creation.

They have battled the obstacles. They have written millions of success into the economy  and they have sold their stories to their audiences.

Quick Quote:                                                             “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls”                                                                               Joseph Campbell Continue reading

Have You Ever Felt Brain Blucked???

Ever felt that way before, like your whole thought process has come to a complete stop. That is how I have been for the past one week. I have often heard about the writer’s block, but never felt it. It’s all new to new. And i’m not even a writer.

My thoughts are all jumbled, my swing has lost its seat. I can’t even see a tunnel through the dark alley. Is this how successful people feel at times?  I am suppose to blog on Success in three words – and I can’t even get a breakthrough.


Has anyone felt this way before???

While mumbling through my hours or days of distress and blucked brain cells. I realized that I always have to be in an attitude of gratitude, in order for the quality of my imagination to flow and not freeze.

And this took me a whole week to find out, for an IQ of above 140, not bad at all. If it were lower, I wonder the number of years that would pass by , before  I realize my folly.

How can I think past the lock box  of my brain bluck? How can I turn the key of creativity into success?

Dr Carmen Taran of Rexi Media. says,”Creativity is key to success, but the key turns in two directions. Twist it one way and you lock business growth. Turn it the other and you open the door to innovative genius.”

So how do you turn the key right?

Care to find out???

This Is Where Follower-ship Starts

Hi there, good to be back. This is a weird title indeed. You probably think I am talking about twitter, where you get followers or you follow a tweet or a trend. Well… that would come in later. This makes me remember my twitter page, and how I lost a lot of followers; why?!!! I am still curious at finding out. And I thought I was so good.

My stories, or should I call them “mumbling” were constantly re tweeted or mentioned or replied. Now, my followers nose-dived, but am getting back there; and I welcome tips from you guys out there.

This follower-ship, or should it be the follower of a ship that I would be talking about is a System. Seeking out and finding the information. Remember our last post on “It All Began In My Sleep”, where we talked on desire, and we realized that whatever we desire to achieve or attain has already been accomplished by others, by the looks of it, by many others.

Yay!!!. To me, it’s good news. No need to reinvent the wheel, redesign the vehicle or even redraw the map ( if you are good at drawing, that is). It’s been done. Simply seek out the information that will help you do the same. Continue reading