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I Have Finished My Course On What Really Matters

Maybe instead of searching to find what would we do everyday if we could, what would excite us enough to “jump” out of bed, we should be evaluating something different. Maybe the questions we should start with are better directed at unearthing our values first, rather than our passions. What would we do everyday if we had a week or month left to live? What would we think as we look back? How would we spend our time?

I asked myself this question, If it were my last week on earth, would I go to that job? Might I realize that I haphazardly neglected other things that were very important to me? Would I feel like I lived a meaningful life? How would I spend that last week? Continue reading

Your Dreams!!!

” Dreams come in a size too big, so that we can grow into them.”                                                              JOSIE BISSET

What is a dream????

The words of the famous Martin Luther King Jnr, ” I have a dream…”, ring forever in my mind,on that momentous day, when the freedom speech was given. His voice resonated out the full impact of his desire, his dream.
His dream became the dream, that became a reality. His imagination was the soil that brought his dream to life.

Many definitions or terms have been passed down from generation to generation of what dreams are. All terms have been coined into single words that can be identified, memorized, even pronounced.
Dreams are valuable, propellers, energisers, enthusiasts. We even go as far as calling them targets or catalyst.

Phew!!! Is that all? Is that how we really define dreams? Continue reading

What to do at all times.

” The results you achieve will be in direct proportion to the effort you apply”

Passion and Perseverance cannot be planned. Have a passion and develop the determination to make most of the passion. Do not let a dream die; take risks, operate with a positive, energetic attitude.

Surround yourself with a faithful loving support system, friends, family, business associates, co-workers and employees.

Look at the negatives with a sense of learning. Do not let the  down times get you, Don’t wallow in your defeat – work through each problem and cherish the good times. Continue reading