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I Started Putting My Dreams To The Test

I wasn’t always like this. I had issues, I felt I wasn’t good enough to handle dreams. Dreams which I have  always known to be something that ought to  paint an inspirinf picture of the future, to energize your mind, your will, your emotions, and empower youto do everything you can to achieve it.

Well, sad to say, 7 years ago, that was not me. I was scared. I went with the usual flow, no standing out performance or outstanding performances. I was just regular me. Exprience after experience, both good and bad, rocked my world. Plain old Ruthie with K, trying real hard to stay alive.

Did I succeed? Hmmm?!!!! Providence wouldn’t even hear  of it. Continue reading

What to do at all times.

” The results you achieve will be in direct proportion to the effort you apply”

Passion and Perseverance cannot be planned. Have a passion and develop the determination to make most of the passion. Do not let a dream die; take risks, operate with a positive, energetic attitude.

Surround yourself with a faithful loving support system, friends, family, business associates, co-workers and employees.

Look at the negatives with a sense of learning. Do not let the  down times get you, Don’t wallow in your defeat – work through each problem and cherish the good times. Continue reading