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Entrepreneurs : Are You Productive Or Just Plain Busy

I woke up early this morning, browsing the internet, and I suddenly thought of what entrepreneurs like me face on  a daily basis. Here’s a piece of what I found. It’ll speak for itself.                                                                                                      Have you noticed how very busy people are these days? It’s like some sort of epidemic. It’s a curse.

We have only 168 hours a week. If you’re sleeping 8 hours a day means, you only left with roughly 110 hours. Within 110 hours, how many hours can you be really productive?

Because we are busy: –                                                                                                            People are working very hard, long hours in their business.                                       Parents don’t have enough time to play with kids.                                                           We don’t have time to nurture important relationships.                                               We don’t have the quality of life we would like.

Where is being busy getting you?

If everyone is so busy, surely you would expect that people are experiencing phenomenal business success, an idyllic family life and a great lifestyle.

The Question is – Are you busy or are you productive? If you are thinking this isn’t such a big deal and being permanently busy is OK, then keep this in mind: – “Those people who are most successful in any area of life are productive more than they are busy.”

Being busy doesn’t equate to producing results. So, over the next few days just observe yourself and your “busyness”.

Where is it getting you? How does it make you feel?
Is it achieving the results you want for yourself in your business, family life and lifestyle? Each day ask yourself “Am I being busy or Productive”

Make a pact with yourself to reduce “busyness” and increase productivity.   What’s your view on the impact of being permanently busy versus productive? Share and air your views.

16 Successful Phenomenal Entrepreneurs Reveal Words That Worked

Its been a long windy, heck I don’t even knw what to think. You would not believe, I literally did a search on blog topics to write on… What writer does that??? 

The lazy kind. Okay, Okay !!! I am only teasing, actually have a special one for you today and hope you all like it. It got me excited when I stumbled on it, I know it will do the same for you too.

 These awesome individuals have gone through the halls of innovation and creation.

They have battled the obstacles. They have written millions of success into the economy  and they have sold their stories to their audiences.

Quick Quote:                                                             “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls”                                                                               Joseph Campbell Continue reading

Live The Dream: Learn To Increase Value

Hi there, to all that have been following this blog. Unfortunately it is the end of a powerful mastermind weekend at the Gaylord Texan Hotel, for the event of the month – “ Live The Dream“. And all I can say is WOW!!!

The final day was a climax and a climax it was. Success stories all the way… with  little massage sessions here and there. It was fun. Aside all that, the togetherness, the drive to succeed (my drive) was so pumped that you could feel the energy dripping. I learnt to live from the heart and not the money. Stop thinking about making money and start thinking about helping people.

Your  relationships,  branding , personal growth and value you give, I guarantee will keep your audience attentive and reaching for more.

Reach out, create an impact, all it takes is a decision, a belief , determination and passion. Be ready to make a difference and impact the life of someone. I know I am. Do not be afraid to be who you are.

Whatever story you have, share it, it sells and it sets you free to share a magical attraction with someone else. Live the dream, sell and tell your success story and it will create a desire in someone to reach  for what you have.

Together, Let’s have an Epiphany!!! See you at the top.

Living My Dreams: How To Get Started

I know… It’s been like 10 days since you all heard from the “weird writer”, and I guarantee you that it is gonna weirder by the second. Well, it is good to be back, and I just had to come up on stage and let you know the blast that I have been having this weekend at the Gaylord Texan Hotel; where the event of all time is taking place. the place where you and i can think, breathe and start and live our dreams.

Let’s talk a brief walk.

You can’t get enough of the speakers –  Rob Fore, Brian Fanale, Continue reading

Communication:Do It The Professional, First Class Way

To all my readers and viewers,  I had sad news, real sad news. I will be moving soon from WordPress, to a more permanent platform. But I promise not to leave you all, and would take you along with me. Stay in touch constantly and watch out for the next big move.

Sad news aside, we move on to the tip for the day. A How-to:  Not to long ago, I realized and or discovered that in every  business and in every profession, there is a need to communicate what that business or profession does for the customer. Do we all agree???… I take that as a YES.!!!

Sometimes we wrongly and rightly define communication, so let’s find a common ground.- It is a learned skill that is required in everything you will ever do. Every minute and penny spent on learning to communicate well will return your minutes and pennies many times over. You either do it the “Professional, First class way” or  the “Shoddy, Low class way”.

My guess is you all want to go professional. After all that’s the purpose  of this post. Professionalism – is doing the right thing for the customer. Sometimes the right thing isn’t selling your product or service to a person. Keep that in mind.

In other circumstances, a person who very much needs whatever product you have will want to argue with you about some silly thing.. they always do…but he/she is really just afraid of making a poor decision.

What do you do then? DON’T TURN YOUR BACK ON THEM. Why??? Part of the obligation of  being a professional is to get the customers what they really really need.

Focus on  finding people who want a product/service ( that helps people) rather than trying to force it on those who don’t want it. That’s how to communicate the professional-first class way.

Ready to go out there and make a difference (I am…)


I’m Back

Hey everyone… Good to be back. Sorry about the whole week silence. Guess what!!! I had to go on a West African tour… It was fun.

Best one week trip ever.. I didn’t get to go to every country I had planned on the list, but hey, I had you constantly on my mind. And I am happy to say that I am back with more fun stuff for you.

To my readers and followers. Love you all and hope to read more and more of your fabulous comments. See you on the writers boulevard.

Top Ten Tips For Making A Mint

Always having cash problems? Just learn to value yourself and wealth will come your way. Here are tips:

  1. Clear your clutter – its the fastest way to attract new opportunities because clutter drains your energy and stops you thinking clearly.
  2. Make friends with money – find out exactly how much money you have.
  3. Decide what you want – write down the exact amount of money you want by a certain date.
  4. List everything you are expecting to do with this money.
  5. Identify and write down any limiting thoughts that come up.
  6. Create a ceremony to eliminate such thoughts. For example, after writing them down, burn them.
  7. Declare to others that you are now a Money Magnet, especially whenever you attract even the smallest sum.
  8. Be responsible in how you speak about money and don’t be negative about those who have it.
  9. Give up saying: ‘I can’t afford to.’ Replace it with: ‘How can I afford to?’
  10. Celebrate by being happy and sharing your good luck with others.

Here’s to becoming a money magnet.

Culled from mail online

Money Magnet : How To Attract Money Your Way

I’d be honest here with you. Money is tormenting. Frets me constantly, can I afford this? Should I buy that? Money is charged with a lot of emotion. It is certainly a weapon.

Being able to afford what you want makes you feel happy, liberated and empowered. Not having enough makes you feel trapped, resentful and unhappy. Lack of it – can also be a curse. Can anyone relate to that?

How do you feel about money? How do you feel when…

  • you look at or think of rich people?
  • you see something you want but can’t afford right now?
  • you look at your current possessions (like your house, your car, etc.)?
  • you look at or think about your paycheck and/or ability to make money in the future?
  • you pay the bills?
  • you visit someone who has a higher standard of living than you do?
  • your friend or family member blows a wad of cash on something you think is “frivolous”? Continue reading

T.E.A.M -Together Everyone Achieves Miracles

Hey there, I woke up this morning and thought about this. How best was I gonna put this across to you. Do I write out a post.. or should I let the quotes do the talking for me?

What’s a Team?. Well, I guess the title answers it for you. “Together Everyone Achieves Miracles”. We know, I know and you know that Greatness only happens to and through teams. Continue reading

Lego Blocks To A Successful Business

Business… is simply making someone’s life better. And that’s all business will ever be. Get the notion out of your head that it’s “an economic system in which goods and services are exchanged for one another or money, on the basis of their perceived worth.”… Absolute nonsense… As my little cousin would say..”poppycock”.

Ok!!! Focus…

The further away a business gets from making its customers’ lives better, the less successful that business will be.

A few tips on how to build your own successful business… it works

  •  ensure your business makes people’s lives better
  • ensure your product is unique and consummable
  • ensure your product is positioned in front of large trends
  • ensure you are not trying to do it all yourself and that you hire agents rather than employees
  • ensure you train your agents and make sure they have as much to gain as you do
  • be a professional

This will ensure you can create wealth and also have the time to enjoy it. It will also ensure you are proud of what you have created.

Here’s to a complete penthouse structure on success…