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16 Successful Phenomenal Entrepreneurs Reveal Words That Worked

Its been a long windy, heck I don’t even knw what to think. You would not believe, I literally did a search on blog topics to write on… What writer does that??? 

The lazy kind. Okay, Okay !!! I am only teasing, actually have a special one for you today and hope you all like it. It got me excited when I stumbled on it, I know it will do the same for you too.

 These awesome individuals have gone through the halls of innovation and creation.

They have battled the obstacles. They have written millions of success into the economy  and they have sold their stories to their audiences.

Quick Quote:                                                             “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls”                                                                               Joseph Campbell Continue reading

Money Magnet : How To Attract Money Your Way

I’d be honest here with you. Money is tormenting. Frets me constantly, can I afford this? Should I buy that? Money is charged with a lot of emotion. It is certainly a weapon.

Being able to afford what you want makes you feel happy, liberated and empowered. Not having enough makes you feel trapped, resentful and unhappy. Lack of it – can also be a curse. Can anyone relate to that?

How do you feel about money? How do you feel when…

  • you look at or think of rich people?
  • you see something you want but can’t afford right now?
  • you look at your current possessions (like your house, your car, etc.)?
  • you look at or think about your paycheck and/or ability to make money in the future?
  • you pay the bills?
  • you visit someone who has a higher standard of living than you do?
  • your friend or family member blows a wad of cash on something you think is “frivolous”? Continue reading

Too Busy… Not Enough Time

Of course,  you are busy. Every one is busy.

But when will it change?

The reason people don’t have enough time is not because they were given less time than anyone else. It is more because they frequently have either or both of these ideas: – “I can do it better myself” or ” I can do it quicker myself”

These two phrases lock a person into less time.

Wealth (of money and time) is hidden from those who must do it themselves. Wealth reveals itself to those patient enough to train others.

The secret is to have the patience to train others so you can get more done.

What Does It Take To Get Started???

Have you ever stopped yourself at any time of the day, and asked yourself this one question, especially when you have a dream, goal or desire, you wanted achieved, and never got to do it. I know I have. I have heard so many rants about how difficult it is, some think it’s easy, some say its “comme si comme sa”. Some think it’s just not worth it, going through all that stress and labour to get something done.
I leave it to you to decide for yourself. What is it for you? Continue reading